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Tinga Island monument

From YPPedia

The Tinga Island monument is located west of Mind yer Manor.

Full Text

Tinga Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Vixen under the auspices of the flag The Pillage People.

It was home to these allied crews:
62 in Pillaging Penguins of the flag "The Pillage People"
51 in Dastardly Dragons of the flag "The Pillage People"
45 in The Black Widows of the flag "The Pillage People"
17 in Sinking Feelings of the flag "The Pillage People"
16 in Pay the Devil of the flag "The Pillage People"
3 in Pirates of Black Cross of the flag "The Pillage People"
3 in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels of the flag "The Pillage People"

It was home to these independent crews:
44 in Green Birds of the flag "Omphalos"
23 in The Infernal Legion of the flag "Ninja Pirates"
20 in The Cattlelists of the flag "The Skulls"
15 in Merchant Slaves
15 in Army of Juan of the flag "Juan Nation Under Cod"
15 in Mindless Drones of the flag "Digital Freman"
15 in Drewbert's Sea Dogs of the flag "The Pirates of Neptune"
12 in Rum For One More of the flag "Black Dominion"
10 in Da Green Kroosaderz of the flag "Eye of the Storm"
10 in Bubba-Gump Shrimpin Co of the flag "Avariel"
7 in Rikumaru
6 in Twin Geese of the flag "Dark Twilight"
6 in Demento Loaves of the flag "All But Malice"
6 in Thirsty Tarpaulins
6 in Bite My Crank of the flag "Error Empire"
5 in The Black Pigs of the flag "Hooligans"
5 in Phi
5 in Pittsbarrrgh Pirates
5 in Fearsome Intellectuals
4 in Yarrrrrz Revenge
4 in Salty Sea Men
4 in Lords of Numenor of the flag "Sie Sterben Jetzt"
4 in Warren CCXII of the flag "VERITAS"
4 in Beastbush Crew
3 in Sea Angels of the flag "Seas of Despair"
3 in Death Dealers

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