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The New Guard

From YPPedia

The New Guard at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Gibberz of Apocalypse Now-ish
Member crew(s) Malibu Crew, Apocalypse Now-ish, PiratesWhoDontDoAnything
Founded 16 May, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 15 February, 2011
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-The New Guard.jpg

The New Guard was a flag on the Midnight Ocean. It was founded May 16th, 2008.

Public Statement

In May of 2009 King Chumbucket left the flag and Gibberz was elected Queen. At that time the crew Merchants of Menace was also merged into Apocalypse Now-ish

For crews, game mechanics require that yer fame stand at Rumored or higher to join us. If ye think we can take ye where ye'd like to go, feel free to ask to join. Ye can speak with any Royal that's listed at the top of this page and we will send yer crew a flag invitation.

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