The Genuine Smashers

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The Genuine Smashers at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Shananae
Senior Officer(s) Coffeebrain, Skullblaster
Politics Ogilarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Deadman's Vengeance
Founded 17 September, 2005
Disbanded as of 22 August, 2007

The Genuine Smashers was a crew that sailed the Sage Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Deadman's Vengeance.


The Genuine Smashers was founded on 17 September, 2005 by Yellowjack.

By August of 2007 the crew had disbanded.

Public Statement

Ahoy, all ye Swashbuckling Sailors and Marauders of the Deep: This be an autocratic, friendly and easy-going crew dedicated to pillaging for fun, fame and profit!

Crew Articles

  1. Only jobbers who show skill and motivation will be asked to join.
  2. Ye may be promoted to pirate if ye have the badge and have sailed with us at least twice.
  3. Promotions above pirate will be put to vote, and you must show dedication, skill, and teamwork. An officer should have skills in all duty puzzles and an officer rank in the Navy.
  4. To maximize pillaging, all crew member's ships must be available for any officer to take out. No locking yer helm.
  5. Any crew member can board any ship anytime without permission. But if ye don't obey the officer in charge, expect to be planked.