Terror of the Ocean

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Terror of the Ocean at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Theecaptain
Senior Officer(s) Darkelf, Gront, Rooney
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobbers Delight
Flag Affiliation Thee Rum Lovers
Founded 19 December, 2013
Last updated on 17 April, 2015
Favicon.png Crew Info

Terror of the Ocean is a crew that was founded on December 19, 2012. It is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. The current captain is Theecaptain. Theecaptain did not have the stats at the time the crew was started required to start a crew so he had Drageon do it and then had Drageon make him the captain of the crew. The crew was slightly successful and was on the crew ranking charts for a while, but at the bottom. After about 6 months all the members became dormant including Theecaptain and the crew had no active members. When the crew was started back up due to Theecaptain starting to play the game again in Early April of 2015 it was that second time around that the crew started to get succesful. It was after only a few weeks of starting the crew back up and having to get all new members that Terror of the Ocean Made it onto the charts with number 41 for crew ranking. Over the next few days it kept on rising through the ranks and made it all the way into the twenties in just a few days after first getting on the charts. The crew is under the flag Thee Rum Lovers and is very active with usually at least one person who has the ability to run pillages online at any point of most days. The crew continues to grow each day and usually recruits at least one new member every pillage but the amount recruited depends on the size of the pillage.

Public statement

We are a very friendly crew that is always looking for new members. All our members voices are heard, and if ye join then yer voice will be also. If your interested in joining us, just send Theecaptain or any of our Senior Officers a tell.

Extended public statement

If you have any questions about our crew, please send a tell to Theecaptain or Rooney.