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{{Infobox island/{{{ocean_name}}}|island_name={{{island_name}}}}}

[[{{{ocean_name}}} Ocean]]
{{{size}}} island in the [[{{{arch}}} Archipelago ({{{ocean_name}}})|{{{arch}}} Archipelago]]
[[Image:{{{island_name}}} ({{{ocean_name}}}).png|center|210px]]
Click on the map for a larger version.
Navy color   {{{navy_color}}}
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Chart missing:
{{Map:{{{island_name}}} ({{{ocean_name}}})}}
Outpost Medium Large
Colonized Map icon out col.gif Map icon med col.gif Map icon lg col.gif
Uncolonized Map icon out.gif Map icon med.gif Map icon lg.gif
Purchaseable chart
Map V.gif
Unpurchaseable chart
Map W.gif
({{{ocean_name}}})|action=edit}} edit chart


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template shows island-specific information.


  • ocean_name= required
  • island_name required
  • islandid= optional — Only for colonized islands. If set creates a yoweb link to a page with a few informations about the island. Islandids can be found by looking at the yoweb page of the governor or controlling flag.
  • arch= required — Archipelago the island is part of.
  • size= required — Usually one of: Outpost, Medium, Large.
  • navy_color= required — Set to Unknown if the island has no navy.
  • flagname= optional — Flag controlling the island. This parameter gets autolinked.
  • flagname_displayed_text= optional — Used to show a name different from the flagname value in cases the pagename of the flag contains a disambiguation element.
  • flagname_faction= optional — For Dark Seas oceans, used to indicate which faction the owning flag is in, if any.
  • governorname= optional
  • pets= optional — Number in the range 1..5 of island pets that are shown in the infobox.
  • pettypeX= optional — Usually a {{Colorize pet}} (Usage) template, showing the pet
  • petnameX= optional