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{{{flagname}}} at a Glance
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Monarch {{{monarch}}} of {{{monarchcrew}}}
Member crew(s) {{{membercrews}}}
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Last updated on {{{updateday}}} {{Month/{{{updatemonth}}}}}, {{{updateyear}}}


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is for flags on all of the oceans. To use, first copy and paste the following into your flag's page.

{{Infobox flag

Next, fill in each parameter with your flag's information, placing it after the equals sign. If your flag doesn't have an organized political system, put "no" for "organized" and leave "organization" blank. If your flag has an organized political system, put "yes" under "organized" and briefly describe its organization under "organization". If your flag owns an island, type the number of islands it owns for the "numberofislands" parameter and fill in the island's full name under "islandname1" (and islandname2, islandname3, islandname4 if necessary). If your flag doesn't own an island, type "zero" under "numberofislands". For the update fields, use the numeric day, month, and year without any leading zeros. For the January 19, 2006, for example, the fields would be:

After the double bracket— }} —that closes the template, you can write anything you like about your flag. Don't worry about fancy formatting or linkage; there are plenty of people willing and quick to edit.

Most importantly, we want each flag to have a brief history about it. If your flag has taken part in an exciting blockade, or has suffered losses in a vicious war, write about it!

On the Obsidian Ocean, the faction parameter should be included, namely one of the two following lines:
|faction=Defiant Armada
|faction=Shadow Fleet

Optional parameters

To include a link to the in-game Flag Info page, include

into the template, using the flagid number listed when opening the page in a browser. For an example in action, please see Vilya.

The other optional parameters are as follows:

  • flagid (defaults to blank)
  • portrait (yes/no (defaults to no))
    • Set portrait=yes if the flag has a portrait uploaded to Image:Flags-Flagname.jpg. This image should be a group portrait.
  • hasmonarch (yes/no (defaults to yes)) If set to "no" None will be shown as monarch.