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{{{1}}} ({{{2}}}) is a list of Haunted Seas aficionados on the [[{{{3}}} Ocean]] who need jobbers. If you love taking on the Haunted Seas, and you want to make yourself available for random people to job you, please join.

Joining {{{2}}}

To join, simply add your name to the list below, in the proper alphabetical place. To do this, click the edit button and add the following text:

{{UP2 | Pirate_Name | Swordfighting | Sailing_or_Rigging | Carpentry_or_Patching | Bilging | Gunnery | Best_Time }}.

Replace the bolded terms with your own information, and add a * after your standing if you have acheived the seal of the puzzle. Save the article, and you are on the list. It is strongly advised that you be a subscriber (on subscription oceans) or purchase a bravery badge (on doubloon oceans) before adding your name to this list.

Using the {{{2}}} list

If you are in need of a jobber, simply send one tell to a pirate on the list that is online. You may wish to copy the following and just paste it into your chat: Ahoy! You're receiving this message because you're on the {{{2}}} list. I'm currently in need of a jobber for an attack on a Haunted Seas. (Use as needed.)

What is {{{2}}}?

{{{1}}} is a resource started for people who like to attack Haunted Seas whenever they can. Some people have other players heartied, but for the rest, there's {{{2}}}. By signing up for {{{2}}}, you are saying that you do not mind receiving tells about Haunted Seas attacks.

{{{2}}} list

See also the [[Haunted_Seas_Explorers_Across_{{{3}}}/Supplementary_time_chart|supplementary time chart]].