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Template:Faction trinket basic paragraph/doc

From YPPedia

This is a usage of the Template:Faction trinket basic paragraph.


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template can display a basic text and image for Faction trinkets. This template should be used like following :

{{Faction trinket basic paragraph
| trinket = trinket name
| release = release date (yyyy-mm-dd)
| custom = additional text
| plural = yes / no


name number default value note
trinket 1 A trinket's name as it would appear in-game. If you don't set this field, this template will display a page name as a trinket name.
release 2 Set the date of the release note to this field.
e.g, if the trinket was released on 5 Feb, 2008, set "release=2008-02-05" and this template will link to Obsidian_Ocean_changelog#Release_2008-02-05.
custom 3 If you set something to this field, this template will show it between opening paragraph and color section. (optional)
plural 4 no If the trinket has a pluralised name, set yes to this field like "plural=yes" . (optional)
navigation yes If you don't set this field or set "navigation=yes", this template will show the Template:Navigation Faction trinkets. (optional)


Default settings

{{Faction trinket basic paragraph
| trinket = Bit o' tackle
| release = 2017-11-03
| custom = It is one of the more common types of [[Faction]] trinkets.
Icon-dark seas tiny.png Dark Seas only
This article applies only to the Obsidian Ocean.

The Bit o' tackle is a type of trinket that is only available on the Obsidian Ocean. It can only be obtained from PvP battles between ships from opposing factions, and only if both ships have active bounties on them. It can be traded in at a trading post, but cannot be traded between pirates. It was first seen in release 2017-11-03. It is one of the more common types of Faction trinkets. 

Colors-trinket-Bit o' tackle.png
Colors-trinket-Bit o' tackle.png
Colors-trinket-Bit o' tackle.png
Colors-trinket-Bit o' tackle.png
Colors-trinket-Bit o' tackle.png

Faction Rewards
release 2017-11-03 Bit o' tackle | Broken pump handle | Cannonball shrapnel | Defiant pendant | Hull fragment
Hunk o' helm | Knot o' rigging | Loose carpentry saw | Scrap o' sail | Shadow pendant
See also : Faction


When the article includes this template, it will be categorized into Category:Trinkets.

To Edit/Modify this template

  • If you need to edit usage of this template, or if you need to categorize this template, please edit Template:Faction trinket basic paragraph/doc.

See also

This template implements below :

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