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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

Required fields are:

  • ocean - please capitalize the first letter only.
  • piratename
  • portrait
  • crewrank - please make this entirely lower case.
  • crewname
  • flagrank - please make this entirely lower case.
  • flagname

A sample usage would be:

{{Subst: Basic pirate
|crewname=Lunar Rogues
|flagname=Water Sleeps

Please note the Subst:. This does what it sounds like - substitutes the template's output for the code above. If you do not do this, the page will be difficult to edit later.

That would output:

Basic pirate has no portrait

Beartooth is a captain of the crew Lunar Rogues and a prince of the flag Water Sleeps on the Midnight Ocean.

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