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Ahoy! This page can be used to post and discuss player Technical_Issues questions while the forums are unavailable. Each suggestion can have its section on this page, where players can comment. Feel free to edit and format as needed.

Glitch: Phantom(?) fray pirates

(Ryuken on Emerald/Ice: please move this elsewhere if there's a temporary Bug forum page on the wiki. placing it here for now as reference for a future discussion)

Reference video

YouTube - Vamp Lair (does not include glitch set-up)

In the clip, both Ryuken and Ryukendistil are glitching here. The lair starts with wave size of 5 vampires, as there are 5 'regular' pirates. Whilst neither of my pirates contributed to the calculation of enemy wave size, I could still participate in the fray on both of them.

Main points
  • Glitch can persist for the entire run. Affected pirates automatically get pulled into subsequent frays. The fray sizes, once again, follow the regular wave progression based on the number of non-affected pirates.
  • TH and Carp are inaccessible inbetween frays for affected pirates.
    • I can think of one way to terminate the glitch mid-entry and start doing TH/Carp. In theory, this should also cause the wave sizes to recalibrate, but I have no way of guessing how the Lair would 'respond'. It's not out of the question that the Lair would completely freeze up so I have yet to attempt this - I don't imagine many Lair fanatics would be crazy enough to allow me to find out.
  • At booty division, affected pirates get no credit for doing the Lair frays. As per usual Vamp Expo, they would nonetheless still get an even split had they participated in any of the 3 Vamp Boat battles.

There's no negative implication on the other pirates because glitching in this manner doesn't steal their cut of the booty, and it doesn't inflate the enemy wave size. Downside being the affected pirates can't damage the vamps nor steal loot either. For the most part, it's as though the affected pirates are phantoms - they aren't really in the Lair with the crew (except for providing fray power).

I've attempted this a couple of times but purely solo on Ryuken. Only today 02-June-2022 had I tried to dual client it. Seems to be fully exploitable scalable, really only limited by the ship size, kinda broken.

Game lag

In competitions: Whenever the leaderboard updates (regardless of being a participant), the client stutters for a solid second. It makes puzzling within the competition and outside of it unbearable.

In chat: A similar thing happens when you spot a "special character" for the first time in chat, such as "🐙".

Alchemistry bug

When you make a massive fill that includes too many extra layers, the puzzle softlocks. The only way to circumvent it is by finishing your session on said clear.

Swordfight disconnect

Swordfighting still has the sidesword glitch.

Connection fails because of chat circles

Loading scenes with chat circles or being in a scene when anyone even attempts to form a chat circle forces the game to log out and display "The network connection to the server failed." on the login screen.

OS: Arch Linux

Java version: OpenJDK 16-18

The issue regularly occurs on Admiral's outdoor scene because the number of players gathered there tends to lead to the formation of a chat circle, but it also occurred on Kasidim when just 2 players were on the island for a zombie fray.

I had my pirate hire swabbies on a merchant galleon, job an alt, and then move to the captain's quarters. When I had the alt try to form a chat circle with the swabbies, the alt was immediately logged out while my main pirate was fine inside the captain's quarters, only to be logged out immediately upon heading back out to the deck, presumably because the swabbies formed the circle without the alt.

Radial menu options like challenge, trade, job, and invite to crew all try to move you into a circle and thus cause the bug. I didn't try anything with frays, but the options for joining and voting also move your pirate to form a circle.

The chat circle doesn't even need to be formed to trigger the bug, I had an alt stand in a part of a room that didn't have enough space to form a chat circle and had another alt try clicking on the first alt's circle while my main pirate stood on the other side of the room to observe, all three were logged out without even getting the error message that the game can't expand the chat circle.

I got around the issue by setting OpenJDK 11 as the system default, but versions 12-15 also seem fine.