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Tamitee is the captain of the Ramen Noodles and queen of The Black Sheep.

A Poem To Honour Our Great Queen

We all have a Queen that we Love,
She's made us a strong flag we're proud Of;
She Answers our Questions,
And Takes our Suggestions;
She is Someone we're all in Awe Of.

Your Flock got Together
In all kinda of Weather,
Sailing the Cobalt Sea.

We pillaged for Blood,
Got Stuck in a Flood,
Then Captain Tamitee did Decree-
"Sheep aren't afraid of the Water,
Instead lets Conquer some bots in a Slaughter!"

We got some Gold,
Let the Tale be Told,
And Fear set out to Work.

Tami Needed a Seat
That couldn't be Beat
And To let our Love be Known ♥

Here you Are,
Our Beloved Queen-
We Deliver you our Throne!

~With love from you Flag!~

- By Bengali

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