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Created page for Spit into the Wind. Information current as of July 25th, 2005. - Tril


After checking the in-game capitalization of the flag name, I redirected the improperly-capitalized Spit Into the Wind page here to prevent having to maintain two identical pages. --AtteSmythe 27 July 2005 15:45 (PDT)

Thanks, I realized the incorrect capitalization after I created the page, and was going to look at how to redirect. - Tril 27 July 2005 20:55 (ADT)

For the future, each page has "move" link that lets you rename a page. It automatically creates a redirect from the original location, too. --Barrister 27 July 2005 16:28 (PDT)


Updated page with new royalty, titled members, and crews on 8/12/05 (Actually, I just added the Eggrolls this time, but I didn't leave a comment last time) - Tobias