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If this page is referring to the flag Uzi and Weaver were once in, then I can find out enough information to fill in some content. If not.. then I got nothing. --Lizzie 07:17, 15 November 2006 (PST)

I can't recall if those two were in it. I know that uhhhh his name started with a C and he was in Crimson Tide previously....Cassanova? Anyhow, he was in it too. I think there was another C name too. Was Calais in it as well? (Forum check says yes, he was. The crew Bloodlust was in it as well.) Oh, and I oppose deletion. --Guppymomma 07:43, 15 November 2006 (PST)
That sounds like the flag I am thinking of. In that case, I oppose deletion. --Lizzie 07:53, 15 November 2006 (PST)

Calais and Casanova were both part of Harbingers, in the crew The Prophets. The following crews were also in the flag: Bloodlust, Orange Revolution, Solonar's Arrow, and Pillaging Cows. Bloodlust at that time was Captained by Korray.[added by Coinmeister]