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perlandria: none of this would be possible without Chien, or you. I don't feel extra, but I do feel very, very lucky.

emberleo: You're not extra!

perlandria: Not to worry. Ringo was a very important Beatle. :D

emberleo laughs

perlandria: I am teasing. I am more like George.

emberleo: Dear gods...

perlandria: "Can we put this sitar concept piece in the middle of this pop album then luv?"

emberleo: "No, we gotta keep it catchy and charming!" I guess I'm Paul "Keep it simple, and cute."

perlandria: Oh absolutely. What will Chien think of being John?

emberleo: Is Chien John, then? Exploring the underlying mechanics of our little world really digging into what makes it all GO?

perlandria: Paka woke up just enough to claim Starky-ness. Barely contributes anything but the nonsequiters are fantastic.

emberleo: lol He's our Ringo, really

perlandria: It's true.

emberleo: If only by process of elimination

perlandria: Snerk!

Game Garden Links for Chien

Progress report for 5/15

Shiney First All New Concept Added to the Game (Go Ember)

  • Targets on blueprint (a la dnav) for higher challenge and to make the workbench more vital

Worked on but not pushed:

  • Additional bonus for all one color
  • Additional bonus for all one shape
  • Shape half matching by curvature
  • mouse dragging works more like PP mouse dragging
  • customize game start button stutter fixed


  • Two word display for achieving all one color bonus. (brilliant color)
  • Two word display for achieving all one shape bonus. (pure form)
  • Two word display for achieving both all single color and shape. (well stacked)
  • This makes up to 15 total bonus displays for that kind of perfect game, add that to known problems.
  • (scoring) Desired bonus level for all one color % over base. (sorted)
  • (scoring) Desired bonus level for all one shape % over base. (sorted)
  • (scoring)Desired bonus for both all one color and shape % over base. (sorted)
  • (scoring) Current all one color and all one shape bonuses, additive? currently multiplicative with other color and shape bonuses. May be wrong. (sorted)
  • (scoring) General discussion of application of bonuses to base to double check implintation against concept. (sorted)
  • (scoring) Desired bonus level for Targets (additive, or multiplicative, and what % ) (sorted)
  • Need outline art for Targets. (in progress)
  • Implimentation on Targets. (sorted)
  • Faster drop of scoring display words.
  • Change thresholds for scoring displays upwards, so it is harder to get everything but poor. (sorted)

Being rolled to the next release at least

  • A small reminder of sneaky mouse music for alpha 5.
  • Faster river for more advanced players (a la gunning)

Storyboards to Make

[This is pending the new release since we'll just have to re-do them again at that point anyway. --Ember--]

All screenshot games will be our unofficial standard of full colors, full shapes with knots and wildcard, average table weight which means 6 high table legs, piRat on, 13/7/5, 3 blueprints.

  • Storyboard captures

(Can you get this all to happen in a single game?)

  • 1: Game start, with 1-3 pieces on the river, nothing placed and no piRat
  • 2: A piece being picked up, with piRat on the left
  • 3: That piece in the workbench, alone or with however many other pieces are natural to put up in the blueprint
  • 4: That piece added to the blueprint
  • 5: The workbench with 5 of a single color already on the blueprint, ready to finish the column
  • 6: The blueprint with that column made
  • 7: The workbench with the other three shapes of a row already on the blueprint
  • 8: The blueprint with that row made
  • 9: A piece being picked up out of the river.
  • 10: That piece being placed directly into the blueprint without touching the workbench.
  • 11: piRat on the right
  • 12: piRat nom nom nom
  • 13: Cedar completing either a row or a column, spiffier if it does both at once.
  • 14-whatever number of bonus you make: Each scoring display as it happens. If this is all the same game than at least one column and at least one row. Two each if you do the Cedar later, which would be spiff.
  • Examples of finished games:
  • DaDa
  • All Color, all solid
  • All Color, all half matching
  • All Shapes
  • A Color solid, a Color half, and two rows of shapes
  • A 'perfect' game of all colors solid and all shapes