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PTG deleted this proposal, thinking it was a duplicate. It was not.

I would like to get this page restored, because there's some aspects of it that I do not remember.

My current thinking: A solitaire type of game. No opposition. No timer. Just you, a board, a deck of cards, and how well do you score. Something that we just plain do not have at all at the moment.

Note that my Qix proposal is for weaving; this was for tailoring.

If restoring isn't possible, let me know, and I'll try to recreate it. Heck, now that I've had two or three weeks to stew, it might even come out better the second time around.

Here's the only part of the proposal that wasn't marked "TBA"--Fiddler 05:39, 19 September 2006 (PDT)
|game concept = A CCG (customizable, not collectable, card game); the customizable pieces (cards, tiles, whatever) are used to build clothing parts for tailoring, similar to the concept of ship parts being built for shipwright.
|objective = Still in planning state. Ultimately, the pieces that you use will be put together to make sleeves, legs, waist bands, etc.
I'm sorry it was accidentally deleted. It's been restored. However, I did ask to be sure it was a duplication, and the only response I got was "Yes". --Ponytailguy 05:44, 19 September 2006 (PDT)
I've stuck an inuse tag on it to show that it's still active. --Featherfin 07:46, 19 September 2006 (PDT)
Thanks. Ok, it was less complete than I thought, I guess I am going to rewrite it after all :-)

Current thoughts, march 08

So the basic idea is that your deck (which will probably be "fixed" per difficulty level, just like the patterns in shipright are level based, or the bottles in alchemy, etc) contains basic pattern targets, skilled pattern targets, and expert pattern targets.

A basic pattern will be easy enough to finish. An expert will be very hard to finish.

What most card games of this type use as a mechanic is "Deck empty". Most end the game if your deck runs out. At least one doesn't end your game, but starts penalizing you; another just says you don't draw, but continue to play what you have as long as you can (and gives you bonus points for playing that long).

And then there's M:tG's "Feldon Cane" mechanic -- shuffle your discard back into the deck.

Which brings up this wonderful mechanic idea: Completing a target puts your discard pile back into your deck, giving you a chance to play more cards and finish stuff.

The idea: Your "deck" has a maximum, probably around 100 cards. You have a "Cards left", which starts low, probably around 20. Each time you complete a basic pattern, your "cards left" goes up by a small amount (5-10); completing a skilled pattern goes up more (15-25), and an expert fills up by a lot. Finally, a "skilled" pattern differs from a basic pattern in that it will flush all of your discard pile back into the deck.

Expert patterns require either rare cards, or cards that have sub-components that need to be finished. Since these are rare cards, there will be no more than 2 of them in your 100 card deck; once they go into the discard pile, the only way to get them back is by doing a skilled pattern.

Doing basics will lengthen your deck a little; doing skilleds will recover lost cards and lengthen a lot. At that point, you have the length to go after an expert, but if you spent too many cards on basics and skilleds, you won't see enough of the deck to finish the expert.