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Deevegkk started his life in puzzle pirates the same day as the World Cup in 2010. He went through many crews looking for an active crew that could lead him to success. He soon found Shortybaby and her crew Black Rose Angels. He served many years in the crew and worked his way up to fleet officer when a tragic moment in his life caused him to forget about puzzle pirates and all he had. He soon because dormate and then later died. He recently started again in June of 2013. He then, finding out that shortybaby was now dormate, moved to a new active crew. He found Spells crew, VooDoo, he spent his time getting his stats and experiance bak to where it was back in the day. After much convincing of his brother Deviosgriff, he left VooDoo and joined Noamvh's crew, Voyage of the Mad. He has now spent his time moving up in ranks and hopes to become at least a fleet officer once more. He has been named the navigator of the crew due to his incredible navigation skills.