Sun Dynasty

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Sun Dynasty was started on Cobalt Ocean by Pennsuedo, in the crew Fortune Cookies. Sun Dynasty was expanded and new crews joined, and it was involved in the first round of blockades in Cobalt, attempting to colonise Dragon's Nest. This blockade was successfully defended by Nenya who later admitted that opening the three large islands at once (Dragon's Nest, Lima and Sakejima) was a mistake. Their attempt to correct that mistake was to block all three of the islands from being colonised, resulting in the sinking of a lot of ships. The blockade at Dragon's Nest actually "booched" before the end, causing it to be a no result. Sun Dynasty therefore received the lion's share of their sunken ships back from Nenya due to the booch and the "mistake" that was made.

Pennsuedo no longer plays an active part in Puzzle Pirates, and the founder crew, Fortune Cookies, left the flag. Sun Dynasty folded shortly after, with many saying that the beginning of the demise was the booched Dragon's Nest blockade. The strong personalities that made up the once-largest flag on Cobalt have been scattered to many different flags.