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Spring Island monument

From YPPedia

The Spring Island monument is located just northeast of Twelve Steppes Inn.

Full Text

Spring Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Jack under the auspices of the flag Omphalos.

It was home to these independent crews:
72 in Vector of the flag "Opulence"
68 in Rudder Royals of the flag "Rudder Revolution"
49 in Skye Marauders of the flag "Midnight Sun"
40 in Ye Old Red Mist of the flag "Old Age Pirates"
22 in Jolie Rouge of the flag "Midnight Sun"
21 in The Dancin' Blades of the flag "Blood'n'Ashes"
17 in heart of fire of the flag "The Black Spot"
16 in Apocalyptic Norsemen of the flag "AceStar Raiders"
16 in Unshaven Barnacles of the flag "Black Pariah"
15 in purple phoenix of the flag "Dream Reapers"
14 in Blue Squall of the flag "Tau Revolution"
12 in Trendy Piranhas of the flag "Blood'n'Ashes"
11 in BeastBush Krew
8 in Blades n' Roses of the flag "Compass Rose"
7 in Fantomes de la Mer of the flag "The Royal Amtgard Navy"
4 in Pirate Monkeys of the flag "Sparta"
4 in Nor-Wester of the flag "Chinook Blast"
4 in Peg Leg Pilferers of the flag "Spaz's Army"
4 in Hands of Fate
4 in Storm Warriors of the flag "Golden Gryphon"
4 in scurvy legion of the flag "Unified Theory"
4 in Teal Tyrants
3 in The Sea Wolves of the flag "The Sedated Scallawags"

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