Sound of Silence (flag)

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Sound of Silence at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Angelic Upstarts, Eels Creed, Nautical Knocks, The Karmatics
Founded 17 April, 2009
dormant as of 19 February, 2012

Sound of Silence is a dormant flag on the Sage Ocean.

Public Statement

Hoys mates. Thanks for checking out Sound of Silence :)

Extended Public Statement

We are a group of good pirates who enjoy the game. We are always searching for more good pirates. Drama queens are not tolerated here. We do our best to get along and be peaceful within the entire flag. Our goal is to be a kading flag. We have the boats, the stock, and the poes needed....but lack enough pirates. If you or your crew, enjoy the game, try to get along and not cause drama, and want to team up with other good pirates. This might be the flag for you :)

Vent Channel is port 20905.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 30 May 2009 Wissahickon XXIII Attacking No Unwanted Attention vs. Sound of Silence 3:0 Didn't win island