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Snuby is a fleet officer in the crew Swashbucklers of Sage, and member of the flag Notorious, on the Sage Ocean.


Starting as a green named pirate on Sage, Snuby soon tried to collect as much knowledge about the game as possible. Making friends like Mushio and Dreadnought, his stats started to raise, and the rank of officer quickly came. After tasting the sweet pillaging life, he bought his first sloop, the Simple Sunfish, keeping her close to him till today.

After many crew hoppings, Snuby found his place in Swashbucklers of Sage, by participating on a pillage led by Killercol. Snuby's "happy go lucky" attitude made him acknowledged in the crew, and soon he himself started to lead his own pillages.

With the help of many experienced players, he achieved ultimate ranking on all piracy puzzles.

During the last year, Snuby played on all oceans. He met many pirates, found new ways to play the game, and, above all, made alot of hearties. After the deletion of all his pirates and a couple of months hiatus, Snuby started over frem the zero again, in hopes of finding the fun he initially obtained while playing YPP.

He is now an avid Brigand King hunter, and is trying to get as many trinkets as possible. Feel free to ask fer a spot on his hunts!

Brigand King Trinkets

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