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Snort is a senior officer of the crew Crossbones and a prince of the flag Elements of Fear on the Cobalt Ocean.


Snort is renowned across the ocean for his remarkable battle navigation skills, which are regularly put to use in pillages, resulting in arguably the most successful pillages in ocean history.

One of Snorts most well known roles in the ocean was his time in What The Falchion, playing a major part in their blockades.

Stalls and Shoppes

(Bold for shoppes)

  • Icon furnisher.png Owns Crouching Tiger on Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Icon furnisher.png Owns Bedknobs n Broomstick on Terra Island
  • Icon weavery.png Owns Snort's Weaving Stall on Terra Island
  • Icon apothecary.png Owns Snort's Apothecary Stall on Terra Island
  • Icon weavery.png Manages Bluddybeth's Weaving Stall on Garden Cradle

Crew & Flag History


  • Governed Terra, Conglin, Viridis, Corona, Labyrinth Moors, Ansel, Raven's Roost & Fintan Island.
  • Achieved No.1 at Battle Navigation on the ocean.