Skellies (Idea Links)

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Bony sword won from them

Count of players rather than /tell spam

Detrimental effects if not defeated for a long time

Bid tickets fill slower

Halt trading

Higher tax, excess over palace set rate is sunk

Vargas blockades island

Entry to the fray

Arranged like tournaments

First half of pirates guaranteed, second half randomized

Give preference to non-idle pirates

Higher value wager increases chance of being selected

Invite only

Last pirate to be defeated automatically entered into next fray

Number matches pirates who enter up to some limit, new fray for overflows

Opinions on random selection when there's excess pirates


Require renowned Swordfighting standing

Fighting statistic

Invite-only summoning charms

Item to detect

Mission whisks directly to or nearby location rather than to island dock

Pirates losing fray turn into

Reduce numbers to scale with logged on pirates on an ocean

Scaling according to other factors as well

Restore wagering of items

Simultaneous separate groups


  • Skulls won from skellies are now like other tradeable trinkets

Auto-inscribe with pirate name and date

Different colored



Skull dagger


Name of skellie on

Pile as furniture

Trade in for other items

Upgraded trinkets

Wearing on your shoulder

Win parts other than skulls