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ATTENTION: This application is a third party tool.
It has been developed independently by a Puzzle Pirate player(s). It is not created, supported, or endorsed by Three Rings or Grey Havens.
Players use third party tools at their own risk. For a full list of third-party tools, see this category list.
For official rules and regulations regarding the use and acceptable functionality of third-party tools, see this page.

Skellie Alert is a third-party Tool created by Seishino. It automates the process of telling everyone who has signed up on the "Skellie Hunters Across X" lists on the Puzzle Pirates Wiki about any sightings you may have just made of Island Skellies.

It can be downloaded from

What To Do

When you see a Skelly invasion, run Skellie Alert. It will ask you the name of the island where the skellies were seen. It will then go to the Wiki, download a list of names, and tell everyone on that list where you've found them.

How To Sign Up

To be added to the list, add your name to the Skellie Hunters' list for your Ocean.

However, adding your name to the list does not make you send out messages. It just means that other people running the application will send messages to you.

Version History

1.4 - July 25, 2008

  • Fixed bug with new yppedia formatting
  • Updated Oceans List
  • Disabled self-updating

1.3 - May 14, 2006

  • Added 1000ms delay to eliminate log-off bug
  • ESC key now aborts program
  • Turned off user input blocking
  • Sound issues fixed

1.1 - April 26, 2006

  • One app works on all oceans except for Hunter now
  • Checks for new versions on startup
  • Works with multiple open clients

1.0 - April 24, 2006

First Version

Bug Warning

Some users have reported that using this application immediately logs them out on versions prior to 1.3; use earlier versions at your own risk.[1]

Norton Antivirus erroneously reports version 1.2 and 1.3 of this app as a trojan. This should be addressed in version 1.4 by disabling self-updating. The ReadMe is compilable source code, so you can do your own security audit.