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Sea Breeze

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Sea Breeze at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Polarbearis of Pirates In The Mist
Member crew(s) Blizzard Bay, Celtic Tides, Fantasy, Mercy, Pirates In The Mist
Founded 13 May, 2006
Allies Black Ship Sailors, Blackstar, hugglebees, Victory Raiders
Wars None
Last updated on 20 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Sea Breeze.jpg

Sea Breeze is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on May 13th, 2006. It is an semi-active flag that welcomes new and old crews alike to join under its banner.

Current flag hierarchy

Monarch - Polarbearis

Royalty- Buckeyefan, Celticmagic, Clown, Holli, Magicdream, Roswell, Serfdom

Titled Members- Dreamcobra and Oizys-East

Public statement

The Sea Breeze Flag shares a website with our Flag Crew at piratesinthemist.com Is your crew looking for a flag full of fun and sailing just contact any of our royalty to set up a time to chat.

Sea Breeze - The Mission To have a strong flag consisting of a friendly, fun-loving, and serious players. Each flag member is challenged to not only improve thier piratey skills, but also to make friends both inside and outside the flag.

Sea Breeze - The Family We are now actively seeking crews to join our flag or pirates wishing to create a crew in our flag. Our Crews are also constantly seeking new members to pillage and plunder with. We want everyone in the flag to feel like they are part of the family. Everyone is important, from the first time on a ship jobbers to the captains.

Sea Breeze - The Fun Our flag holds scheduled events as well as nightly flag wide sails. Even if your not a flag member, you are welcome to job with us and find out who we are and what we're like.

Sea Breeze - The Politics When disagreements come up within the flag, we always strive to find the best solution for all involved. We respect each and every flag mate and our officers lead by example and with integrity. We welcome ally inquiries, however we ask that you speak with a royal before offering the alliance. We believe in not attacking our ally's in pvp and assisting them whenever possible.

Sea Breeze - The Insanity With Fun being our primary goal, you never know what stunts the host of Sea Breeze will be pulling. Some of our members are plank happy, so you may get the occasional unplanned bath. When the sea breeze is blowing your bound to get wet.

Current events

  • Our weekly flag pillage occurs on various days around 6:00am game time, though start times may vary. All are welcome, both within and outside of the flag.
  • We run tournaments throughout the week and welcome any who apply.
  • Other ocean wide events will be listed here as they occur.
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