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Schweatybol is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Current captain of Chrysalis crew
  • Current king of Metamorphosis flag
  • Active seeker of trophies
  • Researcher and tester to find triggers of new trophies as they are discovered


Schweatybol began his pirate life on Malachite in June of 2008, and while exploring the waters of the various oceans, decided to make his home on Sage.

After a time of learning the ropes with the navy (along with the hammer, pump, and cannon), he joined a crew but quickly tired of the immaturity he found with them. So he left, determined to someday run a crew in which the members acted properly and treated each other respectfully. As the bitter taste from his first crew experience was a lingering one, he had no intentions of joining another crew until he felt a positive sense of character within.

And so it happened around August of that year, that he jobbed on a trade run with The Savage Merchants. After a few discussions with their captain, he decided to join as a full member, and hasn't looked back. In a matter of weeks he rose through the ranks of pirate, officer, and fleet officer to senior officer. After this, the captain needed to step down from his position to live in the real world. He chose Schweatybol as his replacement, and Schweaty accepted.

When difficulties arose with the previous captain's departure, the officers of the crew voted to change the name to Chrysalis, and also opted to leave the previous flag in favor of establishing Metamorphosis as its banner. So now, Schweaty (or Bol, as he is known to some, Senor Krinkly to others ;P ) leads his crew and his flag with respect, fairness, and discipline so that fun can be had without the drama.