Sage Memorization Spreadsheet

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The Sage Memorization Spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet designed to help people memorising the Sage Ocean.

The spreadsheet is laid out in the shape of the Sage Ocean with (as default) all league points set to un-memorised ("x"). To mark a league point as memorized, simply change the "x" to "o".

The spreadsheet comes with an automatic points memorized counter and also shows the amount as a percentage.

Also with the spreadsheet is a crew stall sheet which allows the user to track the stalls in their crew (or flag) and shows the average pay, though this is now out-of-date and was exclusive to the Black Dragon crew.

Click here to download the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was fashioned by Neurion, of the Black Dragons.

There is now also a sheet for the Hunter Ocean and Midnight Ocean.