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Sage's Syndicate

From YPPedia

Sage's Syndicate at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Triplem of The Mafia Of War
Member crew(s) Aztecz, Blood Captains, Cereal Killers, Chunky Boyz, Crazy Pilly Rowdys, The Gold memories, Greenies, Jack-Aces, Jedi Mind Tricks, La Conquistadors, Search for Tomorrow, Livestrong, Mad Fish, The Mafia of War, The Merchants, Projectile Bilge, The Rounders, Sexy Soldiers, Terrible Weather, Turf War
Founded 10 July, 2009
Disbanded as of 12 January, 2011
Flags-Sage's Syndicate.jpg

Sage's Syndicate was a fast-growing flag on the Sage Ocean, founded on July 10th, 2009. The flag was led by king Triplem.

The flag loved to blockading islands. They were hard working, devoted, swift, silent and protective of their members; if one gets hit they all attack. They sink ships, love to PVP, and most importantly make PoE so that they can blockade or declare war against those who attack the family. But, on 12th January 2011, with the new-year fun and celebrations, the flag was disbanded. Few crews joined allies, Mutual Agreement other created their own flag. For more details please send a /tell to any former family member of this prestigious flag.

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