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Saadskellie is a former Shanty Jockey for Shanty Raid-io on the Midnight and Cobalt oceans.

His show Skellies in Yarr Closet was heard Fridays from 6pm-9pm Pirate Time. He also occasionally ran the Midnight Spookshow with Saad Saturday nights from 11pm-2am. Saad mostly played a mix of emo/indie/alt/punk. Saad was also co-chair of the Sandwich Fanciers Society, created by fellow SJ Morte. Saadskellie is currently an SO and titled member in the flag of Tyr's Own on the midnight ocean. Saad can usually be found at skellie fights on midnight, trying to defeat the evil undead and add another skull to his collection or searching for artists do do another portrait.

Saad retired in 2007 and has left the oceans for other realms. He still has his fleet of ships and a bit of poe left just in case he wants to commision another avvie. He returns to midnight every so often to dust off his sword and polish his skulls especially around all hallows eve.

If you need to contact Saad, he still hangs around one of his favourite haunts, the Tyr's Own forums.

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