Rum by Gum

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Rum by Gum at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Aarghbird
Senior Officer(s) Arakael, Billshakes, Crustyruss, Echosong, Jessicajones, Lilystar, Tassiemum, Vixenwench, Wildginger
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Mixed Nuts
Founded 7 December, 2006
Last updated on 14 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Rum by Gum.jpg

Rum by Gum was founded on December 7, 2006.

Public statement

Yarr! This be the place for rum guzzling, pillaging, rum guzzling, having fun, and rum guzzling!

Extended public statement

We are a fun loving crew who just want to pillage. If you want to join us, let any officer know, and we will be happy to give you a couple of mugs of rum, and join ya to our crew! Yarr!

This is a mature crew, and we want mature mates. That means we don't want whining and complaining. We wants you all to have fun and enjoy each others company. Yarr!

Promotions are based on being a subscriber, and then on having some time in the crew and having adequate knowledge and abilities. If you join, and then subscribe, let us know. We will be more than happy to make you a full fledged Pirate! Yarr!


The crew was founded by Aarghbird, along with the creation of and for the same reasons as the flag Mixed Nuts. To this day, Aarghbird continues his duties as captain. The flag monarch, Calyopia, is a member of Rum by Gum. Throughout the late summer and fall of 2006, the crew numbers grew exponentially and continue to do so because of their hunger for adventure.

The Rum by Gum banner was fashioned by fleet officer Emberlynn as part of a hobby. The banner consists of the crew colors, grey and white, as well as the name of the crew and two rum kegs.

Fashioned by Emberlynn of the Cobalt Ocean for use by the crew Rum by Gum and flag Mixed Nuts only.


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