Rotten Flesh

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Rotten Flesh at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Shalimar of sacrebleu
Member crew(s) sacrebleu, Pirates Nation, Glory Paradise, Wasted Potential
Founded 17 November, 2008
Effectively dormant as of 14 December, 2009
Favicon.png Flag Info

Rotten Flesh was a flag on the Hunter Ocean.

They have effectively fallen dormant as numerous key flag members left the game in September of 2009; their posts can be found here.

Public Statement

Going dormant, :(

Extended Public Statement

-Any ramdom allience propostal, inviting crews from the flag without a previous warning, are taken as a threat towards Rotten Flesh. In those scenarios, us, royals of Rotten Flesh, most likely propose a war dec into that flag.

-Think twice before declaring war on us, because you may safe your knowledge that all the war declarations will be reciprocated.

-If you`re interested on joining our flag, please fell free to contact any royal. The royality position is only for trusted, skilled, and active pirates. Which means that being a captain is no reason to be come Prince or Princess. However, titled member is a garanteed position that you may get in this flag when you are a captain.

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