Rogue Pirates of Sage

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Rogue Pirates of Sage at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Bootydropper of Numero Uno
Member crew(s) Hell's Vengence, Numero Uno, THE EXECUTIONERS, The Rampaging Raiders, The Semper Fi Royale
Dormant as of 11 August, 2008

Rogue Pirates of Sage was a flag on the Sage Ocean.


Rogue Pirates of Sage consists of four former royalty of Lunatic Fringe (Cfclyf, Mejestic, Darkice and Dazrix). The flag acts more of a family as these members are fairly close. This is reflected in their attitudes towards one another. Rogue Pirates Of Sage is also an ambitious flag looking to rise up in recognition and fame. Hopefully having the experience in Lunatic Fringe to accredit for there current success as a new flag.

The flag was originally founded by King Mejestic, but he was overthrown by his once loyal subjects. The current monarch, Bootydropper, took the reins. He has shown himself to be a more than capable captain of the crew Numero Uno.

Public statement

Welcome to Rogue Pirates of Sage.

Flag introduction

We be the Rogue Pirates of Sage....Yarrr!!! This flag be created by a dedicated lot o' pirates that have fun and success on the agenda, and we be stoppin' nothing short of that goal. We be welcomin' all to crews ta join us, that be havin' the same goals of achieiving a prosperous relationship, and a multiple crew unity capable of takin' over the beautiful and vast Sage Ocean.


Be aware random alliances arrrr not appreciated....we be a mature bunch that prefer to dicuss what an alliance be meanin' before exceptin'.

Alliances of arrrrr's be havin' a mutual understandin' that if fer any reason we feel we cannot be helpin' a certain ally's agenda, it's arrrr decision, and we be repectin yers as well. Also we be lookin' fer allies that be havin' the same opinions, so if ye think ye fit in this decription.....send a tell to one of these rough Sage Veterans......King Bootydropper, Princes' Poohbearian, Cfclyf, or Eknight. Any of these mates may help yer be a part of the next big deal on the bloody waters of Sage.


War for this flag be somethin' we dont be takin' lightly mateys!!! We arrr on journey to the top of the ranks without a doubt, and as we progress no crew or flag will stand in arrr way!!! Any random declarations won't be considered, so save yer clickin'.

Crews wanting to join

Looking for all crews size does not matter but the workrate does , to join have at least Rumored standing. Royalty/Titled Positions do not come easily in this flag.....its not an entitlement its acheived with time and trust.....unless of course yer crew is active or has a membership of 75 plus pirates. If this is the case send a tell to a royal to discuss options.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 16 December 2006 Admiral VIII Attacking Yes Rogues of Sage vs. Rogue Pirates of Sage, Outcasts 3:0:0 Didn't win island
2 17 December 2006 Blackthorpe VII Attacking Yes Rogues of Sage vs. Rogue Pirates of Sage 3:1 Didn't win island