Rogue OM Squad X2 Mojito/Voting record

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An asterisk indicates a proxy vote. See that particular round for the actual caster.

X is Abstain, X is no vote, O is a round prior to a replacement rotating in.

Code Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
(7H) 7hranduil X X BD X
(AN) anchovygirl X MN X X
(BD) Bdmidnight X JE* AN
(EL) Elliptic X TA X X
(GS) Godssniper X JE JE X
(JE) jenny O LV X X
(JO) Jolyma X X BD X
(K1) kristy102 X
(LV) Luvessy K1 TA BD AN
(MN) marinated X TA
(SX) SeastarX X JE X
(SB) Singaporeboy X
(SM) smileo X TA BD
(TA) taelac X LV
(VA) Vantastic X BD X AN