Rogue OM Squad X2 Mai Tai/Voting record

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An asterisk indicates a proxy vote. See that particular round for the actual caster.

X is Abstain, X is no vote, O is a round prior to a replacement rotating in.

Code Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
(KT) Kotetsu534 ZA LA TO LA TR
(LA) lanndser X LZ VE JM KT
(LZ) Lizzie DD VE VE* JM TL
(WR) wrecker15 X TO TO JM TL
(TR) TheRack WR LA* VE JM TL
(TL) Talisker DD LZ JM TR TR
(BD) Bdmidnight O O O JM
(JM) Justinmickey X ZA LZ TR*
(ZA) Zandia X X X
(TO) tonko123 X LA KT
(VE) Velariel AE LZ LZ
(AE) Aethera21 DD JM
(JE) jenny X
(DE) DementedDuck X