Rogue OM Squad V Vanilla/Round 4

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12 are needed to keelhaul and 17 are needed for 75%

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Rohane idrummond, dkzk, alexpeng, Amanda555555, shadowflyer, Talisker 6
alexpeng Taela, Quitex (Proxy by Taela) 2
Taela miss_baa, estambela 2
Fixated ozgn92 1
ozgn92 Elmynster 1
miss_baa BobBee88 1
Elmynster Rohane (Proxy by idrummond) 1
Sammydrisc SeastarX 1
estambela jack_ashore 1
Abstain Sammydrisc 1
TOTAL VOTES ozgn92, idrummond, Elmynster, miss_baa, BobBee88, dkzk, alexpeng, Taela, Quitex (Proxy by Taela), Rohane (Proxy by idrummond), estambela, SeastarX, Amanda555555, jack_ashore, shadowflyer, Sammydrisc, Talisker 17
(No vote) Dummy34, Fixated, Lanndser, Luvessy, Perlandria 5