Rogue OM Squad VII Neapolitan/Round 6 Votes

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Up to date to post 1274

12 were needed to lynch; 17 were needed for 75%

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Zandia Indeed, Satin11, Ghadhean, sarbear82183, Godssniper, Quitex, SM_Forums 7 Luvessy, Taelac, Talisker
SM_Forums Jolyma, Ironguts, Talisker 3 Zandia, Zandia
Jolyma starrarose, Scattering, Sweetbreeze_ 3 Satin11
Taelac Shaimus 1 Quitex
Ironguts WingsOWisdom 1
Satin11 Zandia 1
TOTAL VOTES Indeed, WingsOWisdom, Satin11, Quitex, Jolyma, starrarose, Shaimus, Scattering, Taelac, Satin11, Ghadhean, sarbear82183, Ironguts, Zandia (proxy by Ironguts), Godssniper, Quitex, SM_Forums, Talisker, Luvessy, Zandia, Talisker, Zandia, Sweetbreeze_ 16
(No Vote) Abiona, Luvessy, mitmit, SeastarX, Taelac, 7hranduil 6