Rogue OM Squad VII Neapolitan/Round 3 Votes

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Up to date to post 801

Deadline was Aug 14, 2008 4:56:04 AM

15 were needed to lynch; 22 were needed for 75%

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
PopeJohn23 KingLe0nidas, Bronte_ROMS (Proxy by Mariecurie), Mariecurie, Descartes_R7, OdaNobungaR7, Napoleon_B, AlEinstein, MarieAnton1, Charle_magne, GeoffChaucer (proxy by Charle_magne), AnneBoleyn_7, Isaac_Newton 12
JuljusCaesar Andromache0, Audviking, PopeJohn23, JosephBanks 4 Charle_magne
J_Crawford Athena (Proxy by Helen_Keller), JuljusCaesar (Prxoy by Andromache0), US_Grant, RichardSorge 4
Bronte_ROMS _Erte_ 1
MarieAnton1 0 GeoffChaucer
TOTAL VOTES GeoffChaucer, Athena_ (Proxy by Helen_Keller), Andromache0, JuljusCaesar (Proxy by Andromache0), Audviking, KingLe0nidas, Charle_magne, US_Grant, PopeJohn23, _Erte_, Bronte_ROMS (Proxy by Mariecurie), Mariecurie, Descartes_R7, JosephBanks, OdaNobungaR7, Napoleon_B, AlEinstein, RichardSorge, MarieAnton1, AnneBoleyn_7, Isaac_Newton 21
(No Vote) AhoyLindsay, G_Rasputin, J_Crawford, Jim_Henson, Peterthepope, R_Koldewey, SweetBreeze_, TedGeisel 8

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