Rogue OM Squad VIII/Round 6

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Votes in Round 6:

14 needed to lynch

Up to date through post 1802

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Quitex Kinocha, Master15S, Gothmog1065, ByeThunda, anchovygirl, Sumyungguy09, kristy102, CKShinrai, marinated, daleenmarine, jenny, AhoyLindsay, CandyK (proxy by AhoyLindsay), Velariel, taelac* 15 Sumyungguy09 (proxy by Gothmog 1065)
meeper50 SM_Forums, scm621, clasalle, Quitex 4 Sumyungguy09, Velariel, taelac
ppplushies Crazyfighter (proxy by Luvessy), Luvessy, 7hranduil 3
marinated Aethera21, Talisker 2
ByeThunda 0 Quitex
TOTAL VOTES Kinocha, Master15S, Gothmog1065, Sumyungguy09 (proxy by Gothmog1065), ByeThunda, anchovygirl, SM_Forums, Crazyfighter (proxy by Luvessy), Sumyungguy09, scm621, Quitex, Sumyungguy09, Aethera21, kristy102, Talisker, Taelac, Luvessy, CKShinrai, clasalle, marinated, daleenmarine, Velariel, Quitex, 7hranduil, jenny, AhoyLindsay, CandyK (proxy by AhoyLindsay), Velariel, taelac* 24
(No Vote) meeper50, mitmit, ppplushies 3
  • Vote not required because of removed inactives