Rogue OM Squad VI/Round 4

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Up to date to post 1884
13 were needed to lynch and 19 were needed for 75%
Deadline was February 19, 2008 10:02:40 PM PST
Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Mari_ Marinated, Sweetbreeze_, AhoyLindsay, MisterBlonde, Fatfriar 5
FatFriar SM_Forums, Thefirstdude, MeegerMary 3 (Jolyma)
GreatBob Taelac, Ghadhean, Mitmit 3 (MisterBlonde)
MeegerMary GreatBob, Piplicus_BNO 2
Abe27342 SeastarX, Jolyma 2
Sweetbreeze_ Selgnij 1 (MisterBlonde)
Thefirstdude Abe27342 1
Ironguts TuucciZ 1
MisterBlonde Mari 1
TOTAL VOTES Misterblonde, GreatBob, Abe27342, Selgnij, Marinated, Taelac, TuucciZ, mari_, SM_Forums, Thefirstdude, MeegerMary, Ghadhean, Jolyma, Sweetbreeze_, Piplicus_BNO, SeastarX, Mitmit, AhoyLindsay, Misterblonde, Jolyma, Misterblonde, Fatfriar 19
(No vote) Daleenmarine, Ironguts, Prosperity, Shaimus, Talisker, WingsOWisdom 6