Rogue OM Squad V.V/Round 9

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8 are needed to keelhaul and 11 are needed for 75%

Up to date through post 1786.

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Mousebait Thefirstdude, Jaark (Proxy by Thefirstdude), Luckyshot101, Mrd84, Flamez911, Prosperity 6
Mrd84 Mousebait, SeastarX, Luvessy, Satin11 4
Saintdane Swordholder, MeegerMary, 2 Flamez911
Swordholder SaintDane 1 Thefirstdude
Satin11 Kinocha 1
TOTAL VOTES Swordholder, Thefirstdude, SaintDane, Thefirstdude, Jaark (Proxy by Thefirstdude), Mousebait, SeastarX, MeegerMary, Luckyshot101, Kinocha, Mrd84, Flamez911, Luvessy, Satin11, Flamez911, Prosperity 14
(No Vote) 0