Rogue OM Squad 6.875/Round 12 Votes

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9 were needed to lynch and 12 are needed for 75%
Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Thefirstdude Tuucciz, Shaimus (proxy by TuucciZ), Marinated, Prosperity, Taelac, Abiona 6
Taelac Piplicus_BNO, Drakes, Satin11, Ghadhean 4
Shaimus Daleenmarine 1 Tuucciz
Tuucciz SM_Forums 1
TOTAL VOTES SM_Forums, TuucciZ, Piplicus_BNO, Daleenmarine, Drakes, Satin11, Tuucciz, Shaimus (proxy by Tuucciz), Marinated, Ghadhean, Prosperity, Taelac, Abiona 12
(no vote) Gooblenka, LevelSlayer, Talisker, thefirstdude 4