Rogue OM Squad 6.5/Voting Record

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An asterisk indicates a proxy vote. See voting table for actual caster. Votes are not necessarily in chronological order.

Code Name R1
? The_Joker_ WingsOWisdom, Nintendo_07, fatfriar, The_Joker, GreatBob, Saladin3, Nificant, Daleenmarine, Godssniper, SM_Forums, Flamez911, thefirstdude, ghadhean, Fungus06, Pass, Prosperity, Elliania, Talisker, AhoyLindsay, Piplicus_BNO, TuucciZ, abe27342, Luvessy, CandyK, Lyaka, mari_, marinated, MeegerMary, Sweetbreeze_, Taelac, titanrulez, Zandia, Vireyda, Shaimus, 7hranduil, Hazarath, Satin11, SeastarX, Dragon6582.
? GreatBob ghadhean.
? Lyaka WingsOWisdom, The_Joker, Saladin3, Flamez911.
? Luvessy fatfriar.
? Piplicus_BNO The_Joker, Godssniper.
? Flamez911 The_Joker, Flamez911.
? thefirstdude Nintendo_07, fatfriar, thefirstdude, ghadhean, Pass,
? Fungus06 WingsOWisdom, Nintendo_07, GreatBob, Nificant.
? AhoyLindsay Nintendo_07, fatfriar, Prosperity.
? SM_Forums WingsOWisdom.
? WingsOWisdom Godssniper. (is not listed as having raised a green flag?)
? TuucciZ GreatBob, Daleenmarine.
? Hazarath WingsOWisdom, Nintendo_07, Daleenmarine, SM_Forums.
? fatfriar WingsOWisdom*, Nintendo_07*, fatfriar*, The_Joker*, GreatBob*, Saladin3*, Nificant*, Daleenmarine*, Godssniper*, SM_Forums*, Flamez911*, thefirstdude*, ghadhean*, Fungus06*, Pass*, Prosperity*, Elliania*, Talisker*, AhoyLindsay*, Piplicus_BNO*, TuucciZ*, abe27342*, Luvessy*, CandyK*, Lyaka*, mari_*, marinated*, MeegerMary*, Sweetbreeze_*, Taelac*, titanrulez*, Zandia*, Vireyda*, Shaimus*, 7hranduil*, Hazarath*, Satin11*, SeastarX*, Dragon6582*.
? Taelac WingsOWisdom, Saladin3, Nificant.
? Nintendo_07 fatfriar, GreatBob, ghadhean, AhoyLindsay.
? starrarose Nintendo_07, fatfriar, The_Joker.
? ghadhean Nintendo_07, thefirstdude.
? Elliania Nintendo_07.
? Sweetbreeze_ Talisker.
? Satin11 WingsOWisdom, SM_Forums, Elliania.
? Godssniper Fungus06.
? mari_ fatfriar.
? abe27432 WingsOWisdom.
? CandyK Saladin3.
? marinated fatfriar.

Underlining indicates vote counted toward round lynch.
* indicates proxy vote. See voting record for actual caster.
** indicates votes by replaced player. Since replacement assumes the role of replaced player, they are listed with the current player.

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