Rogue OM Squad 6.5/Rules

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Compiled from the following forum posts:

1 Voting: You may vote for as many people as you want. A person is lynched if more than half of the people have voted to lynch that person.

You may also vote "Pass". A pass vote may be either by itself, or with votes for other people.

If 75% of the players have voted for people, then the vote will be successful EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE 51%. The most hated person will be tossed.A vote of just "Pass", no players, will not count for this 75%.

If 34% of the players vote "Pass", then a calm-headedness prevails, and no one is lynched that round. Note that this deliberately makes "pass" an easier vote than "kill". (Not the normal for mafia, but this isn't normal mafia)

If you don't get at least 75% of the people to vote, and you don't get 51% in those that did vote, then no one is lynched.

Note: This voting rule is intended to kill the "bandwagon" effect

Rogue bannings: The head rogue will send their decision by PM. The shared rogue OM account will not be used.

No more looking at "who logged out just before the shared account logged in".

Kibbutzing is permitted. Some powers/roles will require this.
"Absent" players will not be replaced. Some powers/roles may require the appearance of absence.

A "checkin" during the first week -- either in the thread, or by PM, depending on the role -- will determine if people are playing. The total number of players will be revealed then. (Yes, this will probably reveal the number of hidden players).

Proxies are permitted. Usual rules.
The game ends if any of the following occur:

A: Everyone is dead (very possible :-). B: Two full sets of turns go with no lynch or ban.

Townies win a minor victory if there is a live rogue at the end of the game, and more townies than rogues. Townies win a major victory if there are no rogues and at least one townie at the end.

Rogues win a minor victory if there is a live rogue at the end, and a major victory if they kill all the townies (and still have one alive :-).

Note that there are two draw conditions in there -- one with neither side winning, one with both sides winning.

Other victory conditions may exist -- check your power/role for details.

Some powers may be made public. These need to be posted as public before the 5th, either in the thread, or by PM to me. Any power or role not made public is assumed to be private.

Think carefully before deciding whether or not to go public. Someone may be looking for you :-).

Most publically known people will be regarded as "Well watched"; while you may become a target, chances are good that whoever tries to take you out will be spotted. They may even fail. The odds of this (being spotted, and/or failing) increase if you have someone specifically keeping an eye on you if they are a townie, but decreases drastically if that watcher is a rogue. Be careful who you trust.

One role must be made public: Town leader.

You have a town leader. The town leader is responsible for deciding such things as what the town should be concentrating on, doing, etc. The town leader is your friend, and will help the town survive this horrible, horrible situation. You may safely assume that the person who has this role at the start of the game is, in fact, an innocent at the start of the game. No guarantees are made as far as turn 2 or later.

The town leader may be changed by a vote of the players. Votes shall be counted by the current town leader, who will report if a change in leadership is warranted. This is intended to permit the town leader to filter out votes by the rogues. This is intended to provide a flaw free way for the townies to protect themselves, and to keep their leadership safe. Trust your town leader.

A number of powers require meeting up with other players/powers. The rules for this are:

A: In any turn, you may either use your power, or meet with another person. B: Meetings should be specified by PM'ing me. Be sure to indicate who is going to the meetings. C: Note that you may use your power when meeting another person.

As an example: Traditional mafia has a "doctor" who can protect someone from being killed by the mafia. For this game, both the doctor and the patient would need to PM me saying that they are meeting for this purpose. Note that in this case, the doctor is using their ability (protect the person), while the patient is spending their time at the doctor, and the patient cannot use their ability this turn unless it is used on the doctor

Your powers will state which "team" (Townie, Rogue) you are on.

The first round lynch period is a full 7 days. All ban periods are 36 hours. Lynch periods after the first are 4 days (96 hours).