Rogue OM Squad 6.5/Clues

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Player Name Clue
lyaka 16 players have no role, although they do have a power.
Luvessy 9 players are: 2 Heros, 2 cross linked twins, 2 Investment

opportunity sellers, 2 police detectives, and 1 Police commissioner

AhoyLindsay 9 players are: celiatr, Prosperity, a vampire, a commie, an Absent Player, Insane Poet, Police Comissioner, Ordinary Person, and Nificant

Hazarath 9 players are: 4 Banana Republic Leaders, 2 Banker/Venture

Capitalists, and 3 Game Staff

Sweetbreeze_ 9 players are: Elliania, CandyK, fungus06, Lyaka, Thepower Undercover PI, The power The Batman, The power Head Commie,SeaStarX, and Kinocha.

mari_ There is 1 Commie, 1 Vampire, and 1 Villian at the start of the game.

Flamez911 Flamerz911: 9 roles are: Joker, Punch, Judy, The one held by the vampire, Vireyda's, and 4 Medical Doctors

Nintendo_07 Nintendo: 10. The complete list of Roles, include the fake roles, are:Artemis, Cleaver, Peghead, Insane, Hero, ADD Poet, Unhappy Townie,Innocent Chain to ___, Communist, Major bleeping annoyance, TeamJoker, Vampire, Head Rogue, Apprentice Rogue, Turned Rogue, Infected,Ghost, "Still alive and dying", Python Fan, Viridianite, Lost GalacticTourist, Hypnotist.

Logic clue: Nintendo: 17 players are Townie

Some people who are not on the "townie" team, although they may be working with the town: 4 people who are orange, Luvessey, Starrarose, all but one of the insane people, all but one of the police.

SM_Forums 9 players are: The one protecting Elliania, the one MeegerMary is linked to, Luvessy, SM_Forums, Talisker, WingsOWisdom, and 3 hunters

SeastarX SeaStarX: 9 roles are: Artemis, Cleaver, Communist, Major bleeping annoyance, Peghead, Town Leader, Godssniper's, Satin11's, and Taelac's

Taelac 1 wants to spread communism; 2 want to spread capitalism; 1 wants to remove horrors (Vampires?); 1 wants to stop the spread of communism; 2 want to stop The Joker;

4 want to control disease; and 1 wishes (to or to be) convert.

The joker 9 players are: a hypnotist and his puppet, someone who can detect and undo hypnosis, a strange visitor from another planet, someone whose abilities were inspired by the Star Wars movies crossed with Telefon, the one The Master wants, the one The Computer wants, the one who has not been seen or mentioned yet, the one the medical doctors want, and the one with a "monty python" twist.

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Zandia There are 7 twins known to the players at the start of the game, but there are really between 8 and 12 at the start of the game.

Vireyda 11. - One person's team is unclear. Are they townie, or neutral? Rogue? --no, not yet. Maybe just unhappy.

Ghadhean The complete list of Teams are: Vampire, Townie,

Commie, Rogue, Neutral, Villian. There are no fake teams.

Detective Com Detective clue: The rogues are in hiding at the start of the game. They know that the best way to stay hidden is to stay hidden. The town has to find a way to flush them out of hiding before they can be eliminated.

Shaimus Hero - 2, Innocent chain - 4, Insane - 3, Investigators - 7, Team Joker - 3, Of course they are only the duplicates, All the rest are only held by one, And while the count is 19, it is only 16 different individuals.

The Doctor, Romanna : The Master; The Batman, Batgirl : The Joker (Punch, Judy); Superman : Lex Luthor; There is no Spiderman

Kinocha The complete list of powers, including the fake and dropped powers, are:

The Doctor, Romanna, The Master, The Batman, Batgirl, The Joker, Punch, Judy, Superman, Lex Luthor, Ordinary Person, Head Commie, Drunken Sailor, Head / Master Vampire, Church Bishop, Undercover PI, Cross-linked twins, 5 Identical twins, The Cake, Absent Player, Police Detective, Banana republic leader, Banker/Venture capitalist, Investment opportunity seller, Medical doctor, Insane Poet, Hunter, Game Staff, Police commissioner, Court Jester, Computer

20 players are Neutral

Prosperity 8 players are AhoyLindsay, MeegerMary, the Church Bishop, 5 identical twins, the Head/Master vampire, Batgirl, The Doctor, and 1 villian
7hranduil Batman and Batgirl have the "Hero" disadvantage. They have to avoid killing someone who is innocent.
thefirstdude 1. The person who has to proxy their vote has the hidden goal of being declared "Crazier than greatbob". Who is so insane?

1. The list of teams was messed up. Following the advice given after "jokergate", no correction was made in-game. However, be aware that at the start of the game, no distinction was made in the messages sent to players about being a villain or being a neutral. People who didn't care about the town either way -- even if they were mean, nasty, insane, and/or killers -- even if they were marked as villain on the GM sheet -- were told that they were neutral. This means that the real count of villains at the start of the game , as informed to the players, was zero.

marinated 12 townies are: The two that want to stop the joker, at least 2 that win with improved business as townies, at least 2 that win with improved business as rogues, one that doesn't know that they are a rogue, one that wants to eliminate commies, at least one insane

person, and 3 with hidden goals of zero rogues. (Remember: normal townie win does not require zero rogues)

titanrulez At the start of the game, there are at least 4 ways besides lynch and ban for someone to be taken out. Some of these work with the town; some can choose to work with the town. They might not choose to. Time is against the town.
Elliania If The Joker is not stopped, then the town is almost certain to be wiped out at the start of turn 7 (game over).
CandyK "Neutral" originally was intended to mean "People who don't care about

the rogues because they have something else in mind". By this definition, the Joker plot (5 people), The Doctor plot (3 people), The policemen (3 people), the people who run a foreign contry (4 people), the investment/business plot (2 people), The Hunters (3 people), and the four medical doctors should be "Neutral" (24 total).

This does not include the Commie or the Vampire. Might it include someone that turned rogue, or was turned?

Fungus06 With MeegerMary dead, her sister will eventually want revenge. Will she turn to the "dark side" to accomplish this?
WingsofWisdom "Hidden goal" is the victory condition known to the GM, and implied in the power/role. It isn't directly stated. Clues will help people determine what they are. While it should not surprise anyone, it might not be in full agreement with everyone.
Godssniper The complete count of duplicated powers are: 4 Banana republic leaders, 2 Banker/Venture capitalist, 2 Cross-linked Twin, 3 Game staff, 3 Hunter, 2 Investment opportunity seller, 4 Medical doctors, 2 Police Detective. 22 different people are mentioned once in this clue.
starrarose Starrarose - One team wants to destroy the town's "work-together"

spirit and spread itself around.

Abe# abe27342: Being alive is the direct goal of 6, and the hidden goal of 8.
Piplicus_BNO While every "townie" can win if the town wins, 12 have other direct goals.
Greatbob On the GM cheat sheet, 6 people have "Hidden goal" of "Mixed Town/Rogue"