Release 2022-10-21

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Monster Bash

From the Release Notes:
  • New werewolf rumble:
    • Introduces a furball that replaces the orange ball.
    • The furball cluster will not count in a combo unless there are 2 charged balls in the cluster.
    • Adding more charge balls to a furball cluster adds more combo counters to a cluster. e.g. a red-orange-blue combo ends in a "BIM!" but a red-fur(with 3 charge balls)-blue combo ends in a "BOOM!". This is capped at 5 per cluster.
    • Since the fur cluster is only valid with a second charge ball, the second ball counts as the ordering for that cluster. e.g. a fur-red-fur-yellow combo will have the order red-fur-yellow.
    • There is a timing bug where players may randomly lose later in the game. This is being looked into and will be fixed, but for now players may want to race against the clock to finish off their werewolf opponents.
  • Vampirate updates:
    • Vampirate lairs now have more custom art and a new character.
      • If pirates last long enough, they'll be visited by the Mother of the Mother o' Nyght herself.
      • Treasure Haul in the lairs has all new art to fit the theme.
    • Vampirates now spawn on the new moon. (This mechanic has been reworked: see below)
    • Vampirate boat expeditions are also randomly awarded on the new moon schedule.
    • Vampirate boat expeditions now spawn from 1-3 leagues away to allow players a chance to recover after a battle.
    • Vampirate boats now follow players so they no longer sail away from players in other engagements.
    • The booty system has been reworked so that players get vampire chests only if they were involved in the vampire activities.
    • The Vampirate lair "back to ship" button should no longer disappear on relogging.
  • New Vampirate trading post options:
    • Winged cat pet: A new vampire themed pet
    • Vampirate overcoat: A new vampirate themed overcoat for both male and female pirates.
    • Bat familiar color reroll: A way to recolor bat familiars to different colors, including some reroll exclusive colors. Warning: this reroll is totally random and may give players a more common color or the same color.
    • Vampirate summoning table: A new furniture item that allows players to use vampire summoning charms in private buildings.
    • Vampirate calendar: A new furniture item that gives information on when vampirates are more likely to spawn.
    • MoN + Vampirate dolls: Trinkets that can be held in portraits.
    • Vampirate bilge/carp/helm/cannon: New furniture items that can be replace standard shipboard furniture.
    • Vampire lair portrait background: 3 new portrait backgrounds accessible only with the design. The design is consumed when used.
    • The garlic amulet is available from the trading post.
  • Other updates:
    • Added a 5% poker rake.
    • Garlic and wolfsbane amulets now block their respective curses from happening instead of solely removing them.
    • Inky hair dye is now available from the TP.
    • The moon mechanic has been reworked, so that monsters that rely on the moon now have multiple days of spawning around the new/full moon.
    • Werewolves were also put on the reworked moon mechanic.
    • Both werewolves and vampirates will be enabled full time until the end of the event.