Release 2014-08-28

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From the Release Notes:
  • Added new furniture items to Kraken chests.
  • Allowing pirates to "Go Home" from the Kraken.
  • Added a slight cooldown period between leaving the Kraken and re-entering, so that no one gets left behind.
  • Requiring that all pirates aboard first leave any multi-player puzzles, such as Swordfighting, before entering a Kraken lair.
  • Adjusted booty share for bombing the Kraken head.
  • Adding seasonal content.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixing cases where portions of Kraken boards could get cut off or placed partially out of bounds.
    • Don't allow defendacles spawn on top of powder kegs.
    • Prevent ink from spawning on top of treasure spawns.
    • Fixed issue where an "invisible" powder keg would get left on the board when a vessel turned through two kegs in one move.
    • Fixing bugged map after Viking Expeditions.
    • Hitting "Enter" while creating a new account will no longer lock a player out if they have not yet selected their age.