Release 2012-03-21

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Curl Up & Dye

From the Release Notes:
  • Added three new female hairstyles, one male hairstyle, and two new beards. All are available when creating a new pirate, or when using Hair Control Tonic and Beard Control Wax.
  • Increased the effect of navigation puzzle performance on the spawning of brigands when the vessel is configured for "Pillage", "Trade", or "Evade".
    • If you perform well at navigation, you'll see more brigands when pillaging, or less brigands when evading or trading. If you aren't playing navigation, things will be unchanged.
  • Reduced the amount lost to brigands to 20% of booty and 10% of commodities in hold.
  • Brigands will now continue to spawn preceding server reboots.
  • Trophy cases can now be reinscribed to point to a different pirate.
  • Crew politics will no longer change automatically if there are any remaining dormant voting members.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Pirate renames will now work for pirates in a flag with no monarch.
    • Fixed a certain condition where the rogue mark shoppe would indicate that a particular name was available, when it actually wasn't.
    • Pets will once again be returned to owners before a ship is sunk.
    • Corrected a problem with female portraits when wearing "Plainshirt (belt)" and holding an item.
    • The panel that's displayed when unwrapping an item should no longer line wrap in the middle of words.
    • It's no longer permitted to name your familiar with the default name. In other words, you can't name your monkey "Monkey". Be creative!
    • Fixing a color problem with the Gravestone Fragment trinket.
    • Preventing strange colors from showing up in the Disguise Kit trinket.