Release 2009-11-19

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Colonel Bug's Formidable Garrison

From the Release Notes:
  • New limited edition portrait backgrounds: Amethethon's Waterfall Walk, Cassopia's Mermaid Map, Harlech's Commodities Market, Halech's Still Thirsty, Trollsb's Cursed Isles
  • Disable job posting while off-ship at an expedition
  • Lower the commodity payouts from Imperial Outposts
  • Automatically move 10% of the PoE earned by defeating an Imperial Outpost to the ship's hold
  • In building records for Explorers' Halls, don't claim the money spent purchasing a map went to the hall (since it didn't)
  • Fix bug where certain rare boards for Imperial Outposts would break
  • Fix bug that sometimes caused no trophies to be displayed for a pirate
  • Fix some missing translations