Release 2009-04-21

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From the Release Notes:
  • New Puzzle: Rigging. Note that performance-based trophies will not be enabled initially, and will be turned on once scoring has stabilized somewhat.
  • Navy missions and crew creation now allow rigging experience as an alternative to sailing in their requirements. Additionally, for crew creation - rumble is allowed instead of swordfighting and any duty puzzle experience is allowed for non-established server crew requirements.
  • Include crew restocking cut on job notices.
  • If you're on a vessel, default to vessel chat regardless of chat-circleness.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix a bug that could result in not logging a pirate transacting with a ship's coffers.
    • Fix bug where placing an Enthralling maneuver while there are more thralls on your boat than pirates would cause boochiness.