Release 2007-09-11

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Project Gorgonyx: Ahoy Spam Assassin

From the Release Notes:
  • Keep dragoon status ahoy from stealing focus after it initially opens.
  • Include the station a volunteer is currently working in the dragoon ahoy.
  • Lower the damage from Triketos and Gorgonyx ramming.
  • Link share of treasure won from monsters to time spent in the battle as in flotillas and brigand king blockades.
  • Add activity type for dragoon fighters to the dutier list.
  • Prevent the blockade listing from scrolling down to a random point in the list on creation.
  • Add a sound for the Atlantean citadel rising from the deep.
  • Use vessel chat in rumbles with barbarians at sea.
  • Use game chat for dragoon frays.
  • List the correct color in the description of Atlantean helmets.
  • Reattach women's elbows in portraits with aprons.
  • Allow multiple people to haul treasure at a single booty chest/hold access point.
  • Fix bug with the length of shuns given by blackspots.
  • Fix bug that was causing mass disconnects (primarily on Viridian and Sage)