Release 2006-12-20

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Here we Come a-Bugfixing...

From the Release Notes:
  • Many translation improvements for German language mode.
    • Distinguished translation changed from "Hervorragend" to "Respektabel"
  • Added unique Fleet Officer rank icon.
  • Slight change to the end-of-mission timing for "Play with Swords!" mission.
  • Skeleton tables can now have things placed on them.
  • Can now activate Incredible/Ultimate/#1 trophies on non-established oceans and will do so on Opal.
  • Foreign-language oceans will now appear in their own list on the ocean choice screen.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fireplaces and tropical potted plants should now appear in their proper colors.
    • Fixed problem where the radial menu for other pirates would include duplicate items after switching language modes in the client.